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Some of my texts

Some people have ease to speak orally. I don't. Writing allows me to communicate more thoughtfully with more presence. When I write things I can really express my thoughts without loosing the thread of what I needed to express because of the reaction or the non-reaction of my interlocutor that can make me react. Through writing I can really take the time to choose and feel my words, analyze, go a little further in my reflection. It's a way for me to say what I can not always say out loud. A way to externalize what needs to go out.

So even if it scares me, I go for it and share here, who wants to read, some of my texts which are very personal. I tell myself that maybe, it will resonate for someone. We all go through challenges, questioning of our life and sometimes we can feel very alone, but we start sharing with others what is here, our emotions and feelings, then we realize that we are not that alone. By reading some of those texts, you will eventually recognize and realize that is is human's emotions and thought that others feel as well.


So I go for it, I expose myself and share with you a bit of myself.