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My intention

For a very long time I lived with blinkers. I was doing things without asking myself real questions, without worrying about what I really wanted deep down inside me. I had everything to be happy, at least on paper, and yet I had a feeling of inner emptiness.

I was really busy: work, friends, family. I wasn't taking time for myself. I was living with reason but not with my heart. 

Until the day I broke down and my emotions and body took over to tell me there was something wrong. That I couldn't live this way anymore and I needed to listen carefully what they needed to tell me.

At that time, I didn't even know that the body could speak. I had to learn how to listen, feel and respect it. To respect myself. 

For the first time, I met myself, by slowly removing, at my own pace, all the masks that I was wearing for many years in order to be casted in the mold which was, in the end, not for me. 

By being closer to my true nature, I also started to reconnect with everything around me (others, nature, animals) and therefore to see them differently. With much more love, compassion, tolerance and respect.

Through my services, I want to help you reconnect, first, to your own essence (your body, your emotions and your soul) to bring you more harmony, love and serenity in your life. Then by giving you love, accepting your needs and all your different parts, welcoming your emotions, you will begin to reconnect with all that surrounds you and others. You'll be able to spread your light, your love, your beautiful energies, and so, to make a difference in this world.

For this, I propose you to reconnect:

- Through dancing freedom sessions where you'll be able to express with movement what is present, in a safe space with no judgement. 
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- Through relaxing massages sessions at home where you'll be able to release tensions and simply receive a kind touch, soft and full of love.
For more information about massages, click here. 

- Through photographies and writings in which I share my vision of life and sometimes, my story.  
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Treat yourself with a moment of well-being to let yourself "be" with all your authenticity and individuality.