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Who am I?

As an adventurer and a traveler I always dreamed to live like Indiana Jones, on the road, to discover new cultures and misterious civilizations. 

In the end, I didn't take seriously my dreams being catched up by social patterns and conditioning, and decided to follow a more classical career path as I worked in marketing for 10 years in international companies but more specifically in the IT field.

Thanks to those jobs, I have been able to travel around the world and live in different countries such as Spain, England, Australia, China and Vietnam. 

After a very difficult period in my personal life, I decided to attend a 4 days Tantra workshop without knowing what Tantra was. This workshop changed my life. I discovered meditation, free dancing, how to reconnect to myself (body & soul) and to others in a pure way. I also realized that during all those years, I had lost myself and my childhood's dreams. So right after that workshop I came back home and took very decisive life choices. I quit everything I was building in my personnal life to really start working on myself. I also knew that I needed to make big changes in my professional life but couldn't do everything in the same time. 

At that time, I started to intensively practice 5 rythms dance which helped me to remove slowly, but at my own pace, the different masks that I was wearing for many years, to let go and reconnect with myself. I was thinking about becoming a  5 rythm dance teacher but my rational mind was very strong and told me to come back to reality: "after all, you are not a dancer". 

One day, my emotions and my body took over: I was burning out. I had no choice to listen. I had to make a big change. As the yearning for adventures never left me, I decided to follow my biggest dream: travel around Australia with my backpack. During this initiatory journey, I truly discovered myself for the first time and reconnected with nature, my feelings and most importantly with universe. I didn't plan anything and just followed my intuitions and let life bring me where I needed to go. 

Then I discovered inner joy, contemplation, material detachment, simplicity, unconditional love, services to others, community life, gratitude, belonging, tolerance, trust in life and the power of the present moment. All of this, I learnt it thanks to all the people who crossed my path, thanks to Vipassana (10 days meditation course in silence), to the volunteering job that I've done in a yogi community, thanks to the 7000km that I drove alone in the outback, and to all the different trainings I attended, but this time, guided by my heart instead of my head. 

This is how the practices of massages, Reiki and Dancing Freedom came to me without expecting it. I followed the intuition without really being able to explain it. I put all my false beliefs aside such as those sentences which were always in the back of my head saying "I am not a dancer" or " I can't do it".  I allowed myself to make my dreams come true, to prove that everything was possible and stop blaming others as the only person who was putting barriers up was me. 

So today, I would like to use all those practices to serve others. To help people to truly be themselves, by welcoming their true nature, by receiving love, accepting their perfect imperfections and by opening their heart.  

During this travel, my artistic side, that was hidden within me, came out. I started to practice photography, painting, music, singing and also writing but everything through an intuitive way and freely, without using specific techniques. I realized that sensations that I was feeling in the moment when I was praticing were more important than the results itself and was really healing for me. Indeed, it makes a huge difference to do things for ourselves with no purpose or expectation and I I would like to encourage everyone to allow themselves to try and let go.