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Children book

For the moment this book is only available in French but it is currently being translated. More info soon!

Book description

Format : 297mm x 210mm

Number of pages : 32

ISBN : 9791034316502

Edition: auto-édition

Language: French

Genre : Children book

Average age: from 6 to 10 years old (or younger if you want to heighten their awareness as soon as possible)

Price: 22€


- 7,99€ pour une livraison standard en France Métropolitaine (compter 10 jours)

- 18,34€ pour une impression rapide et livraison express en 24h (compter 5 jours) 

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I wrote this book for my friends' children. I wanted to make a present to them and use my travel pictures to illustrate the different little stories that I was creating. So I went into my fantasyland and embodied animals, clouds, the Earth, the Moon, shadows and gave them a soul and a life story. Iwanted to share my vision of the world, make them dream and travel in a poetical and gentle way while sensitizing them to nature. Most of the time, children books are illustrating with drawing but I think it is really important to be able to illustrate with pictures of things they can truly see are around them. To seek their imagination, at very first age, just by observing the real world that surrounds them, just by "being" and keeping their eyes wide open. 

This book contains 7 short stories (one for each evening) which bring messages that are very dear to my heart such as the importance of following its dreams, its true nature and be aware of who we truly are, or allowing ourselves to live according to our own choices while staying authentic, the importance to belong to the right community and find people who accept us as we are, the power to appreciate the simple things' beauty, the importance to respect its environment and animals who have their own stories and give us everyday in their own way, beautiful and wise messages. 

So wide open your eyes, dive into my universe where everything is possible, and let yourself be surprised by this beautiful and magical nature.