• kypriotisl

Rebirth for a new year

A new decade, a new year, the beginning of a new chapter. Just as a butterfly, I am leaving the chrysalis behind. Ready to open my wings and fly, ready to spread my love and light.

I’ve been through a transformational journey, starting to truly acknowledge myself without feeling guilty. Reconnecting with my needs, my boundaries, my deep feelings, and by speaking out loud my truth, I could finally heal some past wounds. Clearing my throat chakra, and stopping to worry about potential dramas.

I also allowed the woman that was hiding within me, to come out and truly express her sensuality and sexuality. Yes, life is full of surprises, putting in my way beautiful angels who helped me to release. In the end it’s just a question of willing and choices, and was finally ready to get rid of my blockages and false beliefs. I also made peace with my old version, seeing her with lots of more compassion.

Yes lots of healing, lots of learning, lots of growing. And by giving myself to this tea tree lake, all my resistances I forsake. Surrendering to the ground, the water, the Earth, I go through some form of rebirth, letting go of the past to better move forward in this new year.