• kypriotisl

I Love you


3 little words that mean everything

But can also mean nothing…

3 little words that make me dreamy, envious, pensive,

And in the same time, which make me feel puzzled, confused, interrogative.

3 little words that I said hundred times, but in the end, I never really felt them and even less toward myself.

Sometimes I told it right, but most of the time I told it wrong,

And didn’t understand how those words could be so strong.

Not aware of my own trickery,

never questionning my feelings,

I was pronouncing those words with the secret hope

to get affection, care, cuddle, love,

Or even to receive in return, those 3 little magic words.

"Magic" because I was convinced,

they were the true happiness key,

but it was illusory.

I thought that the more I was saying them, the more people would love me.

The more I would hear them, the more I would be thrived.

But, too much, I played this little game

And so exhausted, I started to get.

Yes people liked me,

But in the end, I couldn’t love who I turned to be.

Came the time of big revelations and disillusions :

"I thought I knew to love but it was a mistake,

My big ego controlled myself and well played.

Then, came the time of big reflections :

"Happiness doesn’t come from outside ?

Should I learn to love myself first in order to be able to love someone in return with pride? »

Then came the time of the self quest,

so far away and during several months, I left.

But to all those existential questions,

I finally found one essential assertion.

I always knew to love,

it’s just my heart that was closed,

because it felt completely lost.

I know to love cause I am love

I am love cause from the outset, my heart is full of

and it only wants one thing,

to spread it widely.

It’s over to say "I love you" without understanding the meaning.

After all, why do we keep making of those 3 little words that mean everything,

something insignificant that mean nothing ?

Those 3 little words are so simple, beautiful and strong,

So let’s stop telling them to receive some comfort.

But as they can have different meanings

it is easy to get lost even when we are not expecting anything from it.

Passionate, innocent, mesmerizing, sweet brotherly complicated, unreasonable, completely insane, warm, friendly, pious, emotional...

But finally, by becoming completely unconditional,

is the only way to make them real,

So together and in unison, let’s try to make our hearts beat.

All those words to tell you that now I can feel

But most importantly,

No need for you to be like me, I respect all your choices completely,

No need for you to change, I take you as you are even when you feel strange.

No need to have you by my sides, you are free to do whatever you like.

No need to understand everything even your anger, I accept all your meanders

I love you dearly and unconditionnaly.

This beautiful inner travel, would have opened my heart.

I won’t say those words anymore to fill

but only if I feel them for real.

And today, by being completely true to myself and aware,

I can finally tell you


By Laure Kypriotis