• kypriotisl

I can hear them scream

I can hear them scream when the night is coming...

But can we really judge them?

I can feel the alcohol flowing, the venom spreading

in their bodies, in their veins, bringing out the demon from darkness.

I hear the suffering, the anger, the pain, of this tarnished tribe

who has been first ignored but then completely destroyed.

We stole their land and today it’s impossible to go back.

Too much damages have been done, too much traumas have been caused.

I can hear them scream when the night is coming...

but can we really blame them?

Some of them are just reproducing what they were enduring.

Violence, theft, everything, even the most vile things.

Entire families separated, children stolen or put in jail, letting their mum devastated.

in order to change them and make them at our image!

But how can you not realize what you were doing was a carnage? ...

Those innocent children grew up too early and now some became little kingpins kids.

Today I can hear them lurking outside, looking for some distraction but deep down, they are just looking for comfort.

I can hear them scream when the night is coming...

But can we really condemn them?

No more landmark, no more language, no more root, they have suffered a real genocide.

Alcoholism, abuses, homicides, suicides, so many words which are part of their daily life.

Devastated people, removed traditions, forgotten languages,

The elders struggle to be heard and refuse to give up.

So how can we help them today?

How can we make young people understand that they are the key?

Yes I can hear them scream when the night is coming...

But can we really criticize them?

They’ve been uprooted by those colonial people who did such immoral acts

Making them very traumatized people and sometimes completely disconnected souls.

But I still hope they will take back their full power

and by that I mean their connection with the higher entity, the supreme,

with the elements, the Earth, the Universe.

Because their shaman power is deep inside them, hidden behind this veil of pain.

And if we take the time to look behind their dark eyes of self-defense and suspicion,

we would find first a strong need for recognition but also lots of benevolence.

So don't be fooled by appearances and don't let us be controlled by our ignorance and intolerance.

And yes sometimes I am scared and at my window I look out for lappers,

but it’s not because I don’t carry them in my heart or love them,

No, it's because I recognize their suffering and know how destructive it can sometimes be ...

I can hear them scream when the night is coming...

And even if sometimes it can be hard, I can’t help but continue this journey.

I know that I am not guilty and unlike to what some people may think, I also do not feel obliged.

No, I just feel something very strong in the depths of my being,

an inexplicable attachment to which I accepted to surrender and submit to,

which is why I came to Fitzroy to get the chance to know them.

Yes, they may not share some traditions kept secret by fear that I mistreat them,

but the simple fact of living by their side allows me to discover their great beauty and generosity.

Learning every day about their culture is such a gift they offer me.

And each time I see a bright smile in their face, it makes me climb on my little cloud.

What I am experiencing is a real privilege, an honor and also one of my biggest dreams :

Spending time with the oldest civilization and learning from YOU, the aborigines.