• kypriotisl

I am a woman but....

"The water moves my curves, the fire in my belly burns, the yang and the yin within me swing, one does not exist without the other, and in each soul they gather.

Yes I am a woman but the yin and the yang are mine. Female and male, the 2 aspects of a human.

Like a flame, the heat from me emerges, my body crackles and spins, and, step by step, myself, I reveal. My strength, self-confidence, power and truth, my framework, my limits, my law, my rules. Able to brave mountains, to overcome many obstacles, able to take action and, at any time, change of direction. The divine masculine showing me the right path, and this fiery sun warming my wide heart.

Yes I am a woman but the yang is also mine. Female and male, the 2 aspects of a human.

Like the foam, my skin waves, like a pendulum, my hips gesticulate, the fluidity makes my arms become tentacles, the mother within me stimulates all my cells, gratitude makes me accept the unknown. My sensitivity, my receptivity, my intuition, my sweetness, my heart, my emotions. From laughter to tears, from being agitated to still, yes everything is normal and there is no need to alarm. I can show lots of patience. To face challenges, my compassion gives me resistance. Able to give without counting, able to listen, accept and love without the fear of welcoming. The divine feminine follows her instinct to find peace within, and this magnificent moon slowly awakens my heart not immune.

Yes I am a woman and the yin is for sure mine. Female and male, the 2 aspects of a human

I can give lots of tenderness, can forgive clumsiness. I can hug, reaching out to offer my help to my people as well as complete strangers without fearing any dangers. But all of this does not mean that to everyone I have to give myself. It is for me to decide and not for the others to impose themselves. I have the right not to want, and with it, to be sure and confident. The right to reject proposals, because I am not at your disposal, right to say no, without being blamed or receiving your insults. So why is my answer perceived as an aggression? I never wanted to be the object of your obsession. A woman of heart does not have to maintain your ardor. She has the right not to open her heart to stalkers who scare her, who do not want to understand or hear, my fierce scream, that in between my legs, leaks.

Yes I am a woman but the yin and yang are mine. Female and male, the 2 aspects of a human

Whether you are a woman or a man, there will always be obstacles and amalgams, this does not mean that we should find it normal, to live with all those reprisals. What is important is to respect every soul to respect the limits not to be exceeded, to listen and accept to be sometimes rejected, to love each other enough not to ask the other to fill a void, a lack, to be too intrusive and not stopping calling back.

Yes i am a woman but the yin and yang are mine. Female and male, the 2 aspects of a human

I have the right to be sensual and carnal without being harassed, I have the right to be feline and cuddly without you exceeding my limits without even having asked, I have the right to be naked, to be seen without becoming your due, I have the right to go out, to slow down, to leave without having to run away from you.

Yes there is in me this part of masculine, ready to roar like a lioness, and there is also this part of feminine, seeking for peace, love and stillness. But whether you're a man or a woman, and wherever you are, you're just playing a human role but please, respect our souls."