• kypriotisl

Fitzroy Crossing, a real life learning


it’s time for me to leave and in the same time it feels so weird.

It has been an epic journey and in the end, it is so hard to go away.

I came here to find answers to my questions and meet some expectations,

but what truly matters is that today,

I am leaving with my heart full of beautiful moments that will never fade away.

You offered me lots of memories, very good stories,

lots of laughs and smiles from different faces.

You showed me through your people, what truly mean patience, perseverance and resilience.

You helped me reinforce my tolerance and truly accept the difference.

You reminded me that everything is not black or white,

that it is super easy to judge others but it is not right,

to look at situations from another angle in order to better understand,

to laugh of incongruous situations with a lot of more compassion,

to relativise and have more detachment towards materials.

You taught me to slow down allowing myself to really feel,

all the good but also my wounds that needed to heal.

I cried a lot, I released a lot,

and now I feel lighter even if my heart is bigger.

You showed me through your people what community truly means.

I often want to be isolated but I now see the importance of being surrounded.

And by magic, you put on my way beautiful people, beautiful souls,

who all helped me grow.

I enjoyed your wild beauty, your sky cloudy, your crazy wind sometimes sandy.

I loved watching your lightening bolts, hearing your thunderstorms,

looking at your willies willies in my backyard or disturbing players of cards.

I loved observing your animals, listening your birds’ musicals,

frightening to make fly all your pink parrots, offering lots of cuddles to cats and dogs.

I enjoyed the smell of the rain, desperately hoping for it to come but in vain,

and the strong heat which was often burning my feet.

Yeah Fitzroy, I feel grateful to have met your beautiful and fascinating people.

Thank you for everything because in the end you gave me more that I was expecting,

which was a very deep life learning, and for some wounds, a true healing.