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Home-based massages

I am currently traveling (in Australia) so I cannot offer you home-based massage in South of France for the moment. 

For the intuitive Balinese massage I use a massage table that is just over 2 meters long and 70 cm wide. So you need a space big enough for me to install it and be able to move around (office or living room). Make sure the place is quiet and your beloved are not going around during the session so you can relax completely.

For the relational touch for elder people, thank you to give me a maximum of information on the person who will receive the care: bed-ridden / sitting, at home / in residence, the physical conditions, allergies, potential diseases, etc.

CAREFUL: I would like to remind that massages have no sexual connotation and are not a substitute for medical treatments. Please read the conditions carefully before booking any of my services below.

Please find below more information about the proposed massages: 

Intuitive Balinese Massage

Between 1h & 1h30


Massage with oil

Lying on a table


In underwear

The intuitive Balinese massage is a full body oil massage.

I combine classic deep tissue massage techniques with my ability to intuitively give you what you need in terms of energy. So we will enter together into a space of unconditional love and care in which you will receive this massage as a wave of enveloping love in order to allow yourself to totally relax your body and  mind and find a lasting feeling of reconnection and inner peace. 


Improve blood circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces muscle tension, stimulates the lymphatic system, increases mobility and flexibility of joints. 

This massage can be recommended to treat anxiety, depression, arthritis, insomnia, migraines, high blood pressure.

Contraindications :

This massage is not suitable for pregnant women and can not be performed on people who have fever, are contagious, have been through a recent operation or have an acute injury.

Price and duration: 

80€ for a massage which lasts between 1h minimum to 1h30 maximum. (Unless you have specific time constraints, I prefer not to put pressure on myself to be fully connected to you during the massage and to be fully within my heart).

Relational touch for elderly people

30min / 45min/ 1h

Touching with oil or cream

sitting or lying down 

Home-based or in residence



There is a real need for elderly people. Many factors make the touch more and more rare or even non-existent: social isolation, increasing of physical pain associated with aging and/or daily care received, medication, etc. All of these factors increase the people disconnection with their body and emotions. Yet elders who are approaching the end of their lives and who are more vulnerable, need more attention and love. So I propose a moment of kindness and tenderness by giving them a very soft, slow and enveloping touch of different parts of the body (feet, legs, hands, arms, head or face) with oil or cream (depends on the person), for more fluidity and softness. We will decide together with the client which parts he/she wants to be massaged prior the session but nothing will be fixed and it can changed during the session. For this touch, I want to give some space to spontaneity and relationship while respecting the fragility and physical limits of the client.



This touch allows elders to improve their life quality by giving them pleasant sensations, access to relaxation, relief and comfort. The person will feel supported and loved, which will give more room for expression of emotions and communication. She/he will live a sharing moment with full kindness and love. 


Prices: 30 minutes: 40€ /  45 minutes: 50€ / 60 minutes: 60€